This webpage is being created under the guidance of Debbie Riemers-Downing, while not a member of the class of 1969, she was  very inspired by this group, so much, that she too became a jockey. Racing in the seventies, she was also a pioneer and wanted to preserve the legacy.

She is currently in the process of writing a book about those early years "A Passion for Winning" and also wanted some permanent document to preserve the memory's of the ladies, that's what the webpage will hopefully accomplish. Any feedback, contact Debbie

My hats off to this first group of ladies, looks like they endured a lot. First having to get to ride at all, then spending a year doing "jockey & pony shows" across the country. Riding at tracks that offered a Powder Puff Derby, Lady Godiva, Battle of the Sexes, etc, promotion that week. Well they got through it and carved a path for future generations.  

Ader Barbara Bacon MaryBarton PattyClayson MaryCrump Diane
Early Penny AnnHerber-Rosier PaulaHinsley EdithKusner Kathryn Macfarlane Debbie
Meals LoisO'shea JoanRichmond LindaRubin Barbara JoSchleiffers Sandra
Smith RobynSmith VioletSuitor BarbaraTesta Tuesdee
Amodie MaryAnderson LindaBielan NancyBogochow Mari AnnBostwick Dolly
Boudrot DeniseBurton-Bradshaw LindaCoolidge CarolDerby ChristineDimauro Sandi
Head PaddyHenry Mary SueJarvis JenniferJellison JillKelly Suzanne
Meadow PatriciaMickle SherryRiemers-Downing DebbieRigattieri CarolRogers-Handsbury Barbara
Rogers KarenSkawinski CarolSmith BarbaraTillotta Nancy