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It might just be a Saskatchewan thing, but there seems to be a lot in common with Queensbury Downs and it's northern cousin Marquis Downs. They both replaced a run down track on their towns exhibition grounds, they both were built in a short period of time and neither is still in business.

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In 1987, Queensbury Downs was erected in a short ten months, it replaced the old Regina track on the same grounds. The state of the art glass enclosed grandstand, that could seat 1,450 fans, and another 210 in the dining room, was scheduled to open on June 3rd, but that didn't happen.

The spring rains that fell on Regina, in early June were a harbinger of doom for the new oval. The heavy rains caused the not so finished roof to leak and the not ready track to be deemed unusable. Delayed 48 hours the track opened on Friday, June 5th. The good news, alcoholic beverages were now available, the bad news, more patrons bellied up to the bar than the mutual windows.

Under 2,000 people attended that first night and worst than that they bet under 100,000. The next night the totals were even worse, not a very good start. The track struggled on for another 15 years before being put out of it's misery. Ironically, the last horse lead to the winner's circle was a quarter horse. After 15 years of harness racing, probably a last gasp of desperation a fall thoroughbred, quarter horse meet was scheduled, the last to be held in Regina.

In a final bit of sameo sameo the facility was converted into a sports facility. Actually it was Marquis Downs who followed Queensbury's lead as it outlasted the Regina track.