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Garden City Raceway opened in 1964 as part of the Golden Horseshoe Circuit, which included Mohawk and Greenwood Raceways. It featured a five eights mile track with a glass enclosed grandstand. Track capacity was 12,000 with seating for 1,785 and another 390 in the dining room. There was parking for 3,000 cars and the stables could accommodate 724 horses, with additional stables at nearby Fort Erie.

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For being a major player as part of The Ontario Jockey Club, Garden City did not have a very long run. The track was shut down after only twelve years. The Jockey Club cited declining attendance as the reason and redistributed the racing dates to Mohawk and Greenwood. If the closest harness track to the United States had survived it would be part of WEG, Woodbine Entertainment Group today.