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Pari-Mutual wagering was legalized in 1986 in Kansas, making it one of the newest states to adopt wagering. It also has already gone out of the pari-mutual arena. Eureka Downs was the first pari-mutual locations for horses in 1989. The Woodlands followed in 1989 with a brand new horse and dog racing facility just outside of Kansas City. In 1992 Anthony Downs joined the pari-mutual parade, both Eureka and Anthony Downs had hosted non betting races since the early nineteen hundreds.

In 2010 all pari-mutual licenses were revoked in Kansas thereby ending legalized gambling in the state. It looks like Eureka and Anthony have reverted back to non wagering formats. They each run short meets during the year.

In 2012 it appear all racing has ceased in Kansas, even the non betting events that have gone on for years at Anthony and Eureka Downs.  If anyone has information on racing in Kansas its Racing With TRS. 

By 2014 all signs of horse racing, pari-mutual or not have vanished from the Kansas landscape. One track has already been demolished, while the other two wait idly by. In 2012 one of the tracks looked like it was trying to mount a comeback, but for now all attempts to return to racing have failed.