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Ladies Day

2020 Update

Yep that's what they call it but if you go you better know a bookie because there's no pari-mutual wagering and it's gonna cost ya seven bucks to get in.

 Eureka barely rates a 1 on the purse meter but I don't think anyone who goes there really cares, sounds like a place to just enjoy the day.

Eureka which dates back to 1872 was the site of the first pari-mutual thoroughbred race in Kansas in 1988.

In 2012 even a bookie won't help you at Eureka Downs. It seems even the non wagering meet has come to it's end. The track is still standing for now, but who knows how long that will last?

2020 Update

Eureka Downs, for all practical purposes is a dead track, but officially it's still standing so it could be classified as a dark track. Eureka Downs was being subsidized by simulcast money taken in by two dog tracks in the state. In 2009 both of those tracks went under and Eureka Downs couldn't stand on it's own, so the track that started horse racing in 1872, had no choice but to follow. As mentioned it looks like you could still see how it was, but that isn't a turf course just weeds.