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  All Too Familiar !     

Ladies Day With one small twist The Woodlands seems to have followed a familiar path. The twist, it started life as a Dog Racing Facility and later added horses.

The familiar part, It started life highly touted as the first pari-mutual site in Kansas three years after gambling was legalized in 1986. It started out decently it seems but in 1993 Missouri voted in Riverfront Casinos and it was down river from there. Some time around 2002 the State of Kansas revoked it's license for performance and corruption issues.

Another familiar part, along come new owners who again ignore the obvious gamble that Racino wagering will save the day. Surprise, surprise it doesn't happen and the last Thoroughbred crosses the finish line at 5:21(CST) on October 27,2007. The tracks last's almost one year more as a dog and simulcast facility, finally succumbing in August of 2008.

There have been a handful of tracks that had both horse and dog meets but The Woodlands looks like it alternated both on the same card at least in it's final years. Again not much history here just another financial disaster box to wire! 

In 2012 legislation was being proposed that could lead to the re-opening of Kansas' only commercial race track.

By 2014 no agreement was ever made to re-open The Woodlands, it now seems that racing will never return to the only commercial track in Kansas. In 2014 I'm going to Kansas City to root on the New England Patriots. I plan to take a trip to The Woodlands for a photo op. Hopefully I'll be able to crawl under the barb wire and see if there is really a front to the grandstand, I don't think it's ever been photographed!