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The origins of Ajax Downs, date back to 1969, when Picov Downs, started quarter horse racing on the Picov Farm. There was no grandstand, just some bleachers and they did at some point have wagering, which was done under a tent. The "j" track as it was called, was a 440 yard straightaway, with a sharp right turn after the finish line so the horses didn't end up in the highway. Sounds pretty rustic, but it wouldn't stay that way.

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In 2006, Picov Downs, was renamed Ajax Downs and was now a racetrack attached to a casino. Looks like metal bleachers were constructed on the back of the casino, to serve as a grandstand which sat 600. The "j" track was still around, but ran it's last race in 2008. When the track opened in 2009 it finally had a normal three quarter mile oval with a 440 yd chute.

One would think that the only quarter horse track in Canada, would be better suited somewhere in Western Canada, rather than harness heavy Ontario, but it seems to do all right for itself. Racing is held from May to October, for about 25 days, once a week, the majority on a weekday. The track is still controlled by the Picov family, with the Alex Picov Memorial, as it's signature race.