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  The Empire Strikes Back !     

Yonkers Raceway  Yonkers Raceway started out as the Empire City Trotting Club way back in 1899, making one of the oldest racetracks in the United States. From 1907 until 1943 thoroughbreds were raced on the site, from then on Yonkers along with Roosevelt Raceway became the premier harness venues in America. That would last until the mid-seventies when a new kid showed up.Yonkers Raceway

 Built across the river from Manhattan, The Meadowlands in New Jersey was closer to New York City than either Yonkers, or Roosevelt. The Meadowlands with it's mile track, large fields, and large purses started to erode racing at Yonkers. When the mighty Roosevelt Raceway threw in the towel in 1988 Yonkers also was on shaky grounds. Depleted of horses and drivers Yonkers was becoming a second rate track, and would need a miracle to survive.

 In 2001 Yonkers got it's miracle, it hit the lottery so to speak. Yonkers was selected as the site of one of New Yorks seven racinos. In June of 2005 Yonkers shut down and major construction began on the new facility. In October of 2006 the casino opened followed by live racing in November. The fortunes of Yonkers were on the rise as the Big M was on the way down. Today it is the Meadowlands that is facing extinction while Yonkers is safe for now.

 In 2011 Yonkers ran it's normal year round schedule, George Brennan captured the leading driver title. Racing resumes year round in 2012.