Pari-Mutual Horse Racing Tracks Across America!

Horse Racing Tracks of Yesterday and Today

This site is dedicated to documenting pari-mutual horse racing tracks that exist in America today and to preserve the memory of those tracks that existed after 1965, who have run their last race.

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If you find your way to this site, welcome.  This is my attempt to document American pari-mutual venues that exist or existed since around 1966 when my love affair with horse racing begin. Everything may not be totally accurate, but it's an honest attempt to provide some information about each site, no matter how big or small.      

If you can provide any info a program or photo especially of the obscure or defunct ones, or to just comment send me an email

 When I started out on this project I wanted to focus on what was lost, the defunct race tracks of yesterday. After doing some research it seemed that I should also focus on what’s here because it too will someday probably be lost. Racetracks that exist today are fragile existence’s and could be gone in a hoof beat.

For those of us who were fans long ago let’s pretend its pre nineteen ninety legally there weren’t many options you probably had your one track or circuit, you probably had to drive a while to get there and only could make it on weekends. If that’s the case then there’s a good chance that where you used to turn to get to the track is now a mall or a housing development.

Thinking back what do you really remember about the track itself the sights, sounds, smells. They all offered the same product but they were all unique in their own way. Maybe it was the barber shop the self serve eatery where you walked through with a tray. It could have been the beer, you had one choice back then draught beer and a least for the first one or two they all had a different taste. As crazy as it sounds the men’s room each had its own particular aroma or hearing the sound of “seat boss’ being yelled out by the porter. How many things can you remember.

I’m from New England and in the mid-seventy’s you could find live racing every day but Christmas and during the warmer months you choice of around eight to ten tracks you could attend. Now there are only three left. So pick a spot on the map and find where you used to go or still do maybe it will bring back some memories.

Like me it could make you wish for one more day at old smoky, dusty Lincoln Downs or to wake up once more with a horrific hangover from a day of drinking Piels Real Draught at the Northampton Fair. 

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Kaufen auf Rechnung ohne Schufa