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Wyoming got it's racing legs back when it became one of a few states to legalize instant racing, they call it historical racing (looks like a slot machine to me!). Well anyway it looks like it has brought back racing to four venues in the state Wyoming Downs, Sweetwater Downs, Central Wyoming Fairgrounds and Energy Downs.

I'm feeling lazy so Central Wyoming in Casper, and Energy Downs in Gillette will have to wait but we can tour the other two. If you magically find yourself in Salt Lake City, Utah, your only 85 miles from Wyoming Downs and Sweetwater is another 100 miles from Wyoming Downs. On the other hand if your coming from the east it's 350 miles from the last track in Nebraska. If after stopping at Wyoming Downs you continue west it's another 300 plus miles to the track in Elko, Nevada. This is the middle of nowhere.  

Pari-mutual wagering was legalized in Wyoming in 1967. Wyoming differs from the format that most other northwest states have adopted, in that the only recognizable track was a commercial one.

In 1985 Wyoming Downs was opened in Evansville, Wyoming, it survived around twenty five years before going out of business in 2009. It looks like after Wyoming Downs closure racing still continues for a few days a year at a place called Sweetwater Downs in Rock SprinGs.

Wyoming does have some casinos, but no racinos. There are a few OTB's across the state and instant betting similar to what they have in Arkansas and Kentucky is legal.

Thanks to instant wagering it looks like Wyoming Downs is set for a revival, when 16 days of racing will be conducted in 2014.