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The date pari-mutual wagering was legalized in South Dakota, is not clear, but the Black Hills Dog Track opened for pari-mutual wagering in 1949. It wasn't until 1955 that the only commercial track in South Dakota opened.

As the name implies Tri-State opened in the South East corner of South Dakota, between Nebraska and Iowa. In 1958 the name was changed to Park Jefferson. In the seventies the track ran a mixed, thoroughbred, quarter horse meet, from July to September, with racing mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. Park Jefferson went out of business in 1982.

In 2013, the only pari-mutual wagering in South Dakota was held at fairs in Aberdeen and Ft. Pierre. Each location had six race dates over three weekends. I will hope to cover these venues in the next pass.

South Dakota also had several dog tracks, Sodrac Park being the most notable. It was only a few miles from Park Jefferson. Like most other states, dog racing is not run any more in South Dakota.