It seems like the gold standard is not how many tracks you have been to, but how many you have attended live races at. So I decided to amuse, and see how long and how much it would cost to see live racing at the remaining tracks on this site. Considering last years hefty price and the fact that this would realistically take a few years, I decided to cap the cost at $10,000 per year and allow 20 non weekend days, say four weeks of vacation. How's that saying go "it's only takes time and money" and if your reading this your probably a little long in the tooth, so you probably have the time, the money eh. So lets see how this works out. The process will also change, not taking one continuous trip, but some short duration trips that would maximize available tracks.

This is turning out to be a little more complicated than I thought. Doing the quick math, roughly 120 tracks divided by 12 months comes out to visiting 10 a month, without a private jet and boatload of cash, probably not doable. So now I figure just cut the number in half and go out two years, ok I create a spreadsheet by month to see how it looks and it's not good.

Keeping with the budget, which I already had to have the dollars doubled, it really doesn't seem like it can be done in two years, with trying to come in under budget. Well, it should keep me busy for awhile.     

This trip will also differ in the fact that it will be a fly, drive venture looking to insure as many tracks as possible on a single trip, but making it more costly.

Bay Meadows

This is a view of what's left, a majority of the tracks are fair meets with limited days, which makes the task at hand a little more complicated.