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  Days of Real Sport!     

Waitsburg I guess if you get technical, days of real sport was correct, while in fact day ofWaitsburg real sport, might have been closer to the truth.

The origin of racing at Waitsburg dates back to 1911, whatever that might have been. In modern times Waitsburg was part of the Blue Mountain Fair Circuit in Washington State, running only two days a year.

Racing ended for Waitsburg in 2010, in 2011 the state refused dates to three out of the four fairs running in the state, over the cost of insurance. The track consists of a small wooden grandstand without many amenities, as for racing it looks like both thoroughbreds and quarter horses competed for modest purses. The top purse was the Glover Memorial Quarter Horse Futurity, which had a purse of $3,900.

I made it to Waitsburg once on a whirlwind tour of Washington State. I wasn't sure when I got there if I was in somebody's back yard or the track, but it was the place. One of the fair buildings had a nice weathered painting of the horses at the finish line. Unlike all the other fair sites, Waitsburg didn't seem to have any kind of rodeo ring in the infield. It was only two days, but I'm sure they miss their racing.