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Before I start a segment on visiting the Vermont tracks, I have to apologize again for being lazy. There really are two tracks that should be listed, the other is the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, which did have pari-mutual racing at one time. I will try to put that one up.

Well, anyway if you want to visit these sites, there's good news and bad news. The good news is their both on the same road, U.S. Route 7. The bad news, their both kind of out of the way. The major Interstate in Vermont is I-91 which is on the New Hampshire border both of these tracks are on the other side of the state, which only has two lane route 7.

If you drive route 7 both tracks are visible from the road, the Green Mountain grandstand is still standing and another 70 miles and one and a half hours away you'll find the fairgrounds in Rutland. Either way you won't see any racing. The only place it might still exist are the fairs at Barton and Tunbridge, both non wagering sites.

Vermont's only race track Green Mountain Park was opened in Pownal, Vermont in May of 1963. Opened as a thoroughbred track it quickly added winter harness racing to help the bottom line. Never quite living up to expectation thoroughbreds ran their last races in 1976 followed a year latter when the standardbreds were no more. From 1977 till it's closing in 1992 it served as a dog racing facility. Although a mere blip as far as history goes it had a major impact on racing when the Vermont Legislature approved Sunday racing in 1968.

 Vermont also held a short fair meet at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland where pari-mutual wagering was allowed. There still is harness racing at some Vermont fairs but they are non wagering events.

 Pari-Mutual racing was legalized in 1961 in Vermont.