I update this site when I find new content, so for my personal documentation and by chance someone returns looking for new stuff, it will be documented here.

04/08/2018:  Added Hazel Park update to 2018 Nickels and Dimes.

03/16/2018:  Added Thunder Ridge update to 2018 Nickels and Dimes.

03/09/2018:  Updated Miles Park site.

03/07/2018:  Added Jackson Raceway update to 2018 Nickels and Dimes.

03/07/2018:  Added Tour 3 to home page.

03/07/2018:  Added Photo to Green Mountain site.

02/07/2018:  Added Combo Horse/Dog Program to Birmingham Turf Club.

01/20/2018:  Updated content for Salem Fair (Lone Oak Park).

01/11/2018:  Updated Birmingham Turf Club site.

12/30/2017:  Updated Seminole Downs site.

12/30/2017:  Added Seminole Downs to Nostalgia Tour.

12/23/2017:  Added 2018 Nickels and Dimes.

11/21/2017:  Added three tracks to Oregon, Crooked River, Harney Fair, Klamath Fair.

11/12/2017:  Added Brochure to Tropical Park home page.

04/30/2017:  Added Photos to Roosevelt Raceway.

04/29/2017:  Added Leg-2 to Bucket List Tour-2.

04/23/2017:  Righting a Wrong: Received a post that I had incorrectly listed the size of the Sun Ray Park oval. The correct length is six furlongs not seven, ironically the stretch distance of 990 feet is correct.

03/30/2017:  Added Time For Some Crow to pre2017.

03/22/2017:  Added Nostalgia Tour page for Green Mountain Park.

03/15/2017:  Added brochure to Fairmount Park.

03/09/2017:  Added brochure to Quad City Downs.

03/07/2017:  Added G. Rollie White Downs to Texas tracks.

03/04/2017:  Added brochure to Raceway Park.

03/03/2017:  Added photo to Rockingham Park.

03/02/2017:  Added Tioga Downs Quarter Horse program cover.

02/28/2017:  Added Ponce de Leon brochure to Gator Downs.

02/28/2017:  Added jockeys for NYRA, Dover Downs, Suffolk Downs, Berkshire Downs.

02/27/2017:  Added Binge2 to Bucket List.

02/13/2017:  Added photo Centennial Park.

02/09/2017:  Added Nostalgia Tour page for Berkshire Downs.

02/09/2017:  Added photos Berkshire Downs.

02/09/2017:  Added photos Foxboro Raceway.

01/24/2017:  Added pre2017.

12/27/2016:  Added photos Detroit Race Course.   

10/21/2016:  Added photo Sportsman's Park.   

10/19/2016:  Added content, photos for Rockingham Park.   

10/19/2016:  Added content for yir2016.   

10/17/2016:  Added drivers for Foxboro Raceway.   

10/17/2016:  Added jockeys for Jefferson Downs.   

07/05/2016:  Added Photos for Bangor, Topsham, Union and Scarborough Downs.   

07/05/2016:  Added content for yir2016.   

07/05/2016:  Added Photo for Aksarben.   

07/05/2016:  Added Photo for Delaware Park.   

07/05/2016:  Added Photo for Ocean Downs.   

06/29/2016:  Added Energy Downs to Website.   

06/16/2016:  Added Phoenix Trotting Track to Website.   

06/16/2016:  Added drivers to Foxboro, drivers list.   

06/11/2016:  Added information to 2016 reality check.   

06/11/2016:  Updated Gresham Park pages.   

06/11/2016:  Added jockeys to Liberty Bell, jockeys list.   

06/11/2016:  Added drivers to Liberty Bell, drivers list.   

06/08/2016: Added Epilogue to Bucket List Binge Page. 

06/08/2016: Added Week 13(final) to Bucket List Binge Page. 

06/03/2016: Added Week 12 to Bucket List Binge Page. 

05/28/2016: Added Death of Rockingham Park to 2016 Reality Check. 

05/27/2016: Added Week 11 to Bucket List Binge Page. 

05/19/2016: Added Week 10 to Bucket List Binge Page. 

05/13/2016: Added Week 9 to Bucket List Binge Page. 

05/11/2016:  Added jockeys to Sportsman's Park, jockeys list.   

05/11/2016:  Added jockeys to Commodore Downs, jockeys list.   

05/09/2016: Added Week 8 to Bucket List Binge Page. 

05/07/2016:  Added grandstand photo to Parr Meadows, photo page.