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5/21 - 10/5


  Second Chance For Erie!     

Presque Isle Downs Someone should see if its legal to open a thoroughbred facility in Pennsylvania that doesn't begin with the letter P. Presque Isle unlike its predecessor Commodore Downs has the benefit of being joined at the hip with a Casino. The difference you ask PID has a purse value index of 39 while Commodore would have been lucky to squeeze out a 2.

 It has to be ironic that less people probably view the races at Presque Isle than they did at Commodore Downs, yet purses at Presque Isle rival those of Aqueduct. I guess the important part is that the parking lot is a lot fuller, and give Presque Isle some credit you can actually figure out where the race track is, even purchase a program and even bet!

In 2011 Presque Isle Downs ran from Mid-May to October with a 5:30 post time. There was a dead heat in the jockey standings between Huber Villa-Gomer and Pablo Morales. In 2012 Racing returns, at first without Saturday racing, but that decision was reversed. A similar plan was instituted in 2009 when Sunday racing was dropped in favor of Tuesday and a larger simulcast audience.