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  Klamath County Fair     

KlamathKlamath County Fair

Racing in Klamath Falls, was held at The Klamath County Fairgrounds. It had an open air grandstand with no apron. There was a half mile or five eights oval with a chute for quarter horses, which were the breed of choice. Racing looks like it was held three days a year. 

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The origins of the Klamath County Fair trace back to 1902, no idea when pari mutual horse racing started. It looks like the last races were held in 1995. No matter what, racing was over by 2000, when an event arena was built on the site of the racing oval.

I certainly never attended the races in Klamath Falls, I doubt many people did other than locals. If it had not been for an E-Mail from a gentlemen named Ted Michelakos, I would have never known it existed, even though it falls within my guidelines.