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6/8 - 7/29


  No Gusher Here!     

Fair Meadows Tulsa Fair Meadows is rated as a 16 for purse index so if you are a patron you probably see your share of low level quarter horse races. It is located in Expo Square which is a giant fairgrounds facility in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Unlike most Oklahoma tracks Fair Meadows has no racino only an OTB parlor. Fair Meadows is the junior track in Oklahoma.

 There was racing conducted at Fair Meadows in 2011 but it doesn't sound too promising. The facility is run down and in need of repair, parking seems to be a problem and even complaints about tellers not being able to make change. Sounds like this well could be dry! 

Racing has continued through 2013 and has been approved again for 2014. Racing revenues have not been great at Fair Meadows and the fair board  is going year to year to see if racing will continue.

If you look at the aerial view on the photo page you'll notice the Tulsa Drillers Baseball Stadium and the net near the track to keep foul balls from landing on the track.