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  No Ribbons Here!     

Blue Ribbon Downs Racing at Blue Ribbon Downs, dates back to 1960 when it was located on the land of Blue Ribbon Ranch. Known as the richest non pari mutual track in the country, it ran six figure futurities and had yearly purses that exceeded one million dollars. Things seemed pretty good till betting came along.

Probably not looking like it does today, but already having an existing racing venue, Blue Ribbon Downs was a natural fit to be the first betting track in Oklahoma. Once wagering was legalized in Oklahoma, Blue Ribbon Downs started preparing. Construction was underway for the grand opening in late August 1984, but in May an accident occurred while building was underway and the grandstand burned to the ground. For now there was a happy ending as the opening went off as scheduled.

For a few years business was booming, with no competition the track flourished. In 1987 on one day the track handle exceeded one million dollars, but things would change.

Along comes Edward DeBartolo with his major league, million dollar facility in Oklahoma City, and if that wasn't bad enough Texas was gearing up for it's return to pari mutual wagering after thirty five years. From there the downward spiral began, in 2005 it was slowed by the infusion of casino wagering, but in 2009 Blue Ribbon Downs went where nobody had before.

In 2009 Blue Ribbon Downs had the dubious distinction of the first racino, and as far as I know the only one to ever fail. You wonder why they ever left their non betting roots in the first place.

In 2014, if you drive down Route 64 coming from Sallisaw you'll see Blue Ribbon Downs sitting on the left. If you pass at the right time there will be plenty of horses in the stable areas, you'll see the track sitting there and the Blue Ribbon Downs, racino sign beckoning you to enter. Everything points to something going on inside, but if you do get fooled and turn in, you won't get far. A giant gate across the road brings you back to reality.