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Every once and a while, I get a comment about this web site. One such E-mail alerted me to the fact that I had omitted Nevada on my site, I knew there was a little racing going on so I decided to not be so lazy and look into it.

We'll there is racing in Nevada, but not much. The Elko County fair which goes back to 1920, and two other tracks went to the post in 2013. There has been a short meet in Ely, at the White Pine Fairgrounds. The other recent meet was the mules at Winnemucca, if you've never seen them race you should look into it, every once and a while there one or two on the card at the California Fairs, Their really cool looking.

As for the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas there were a few failed attempts to open a track. The first was Las Vegas Downs in the mid fifty's, a disaster from the get go, the thoroughbreds lasted thirteen days. The next year they tried quarter hoses, but the result was the same.

In 1963 there was another attempt, this time by the Thunderbird Hotel, who opened Thunderbird Downs behind the hotel. The track lasted for three years before it too was reduced to fodder. Again, why would anybody sit outside in the desert to watch horse
racing, when the can sit inside one of the many air conditioned sports books?