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  All Ya Gotta See is Jack E Lee!     

Ladies Day The roots of Freehold Raceway, date back to 1853, that's ten years before Saratoga Race Course opened in Upstate New York. Since it's beginnings the track has seen a few owners, and had a few rebuilds. In 1970 the grandstand was enclosed to accommodate year round racing, only to be destroyed in a devastating blaze that leveled the plant

On May 5th soon after the start of the 1984 season, an electrical fire broke out and burnt the grandstand to the ground. Amazingly the meet went on with betting conducted under tents. For the next few years part of the meet was moved to Atlantic City, while some was held at Freehold under plastic bubbles. In October of 1986 the new Freehold held it's grand re-opening, and continues on today.

Ladies DayOne of the amazing facts about Freehold Raceway is that it has never raced at night, in fact lighting has never been installed. That's quite remarkable for a sport that has traditionally been a evening event. Another has been the fact that it has continued to provide a high caliber of racing without the aide racino style gaming, but a lot of what made it great were the guys in the announcers booth.

They are often overlooked, but the track announcer is a big part of the personality of a venue, and Freehold has had a couple of the best. The first was the great Jack E Lee, who used to call races at Roosevelt Raceway before it closed. His famous finish line calls "all ya gotta say is Herve" or "All ya gotta know is Jackie Mo", along with a line for about every other driver at Freehold, were legend. When Jack E Lee hung up his binoculars, He was replaced by Larry Lederman, who had been entertaining the fans at Garden State a Atlantic City. If you ever heard him call a race, you wouldn't confuse him with any other announcer. Unfortunately for Lederman he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in  2011, and has given up race calling on a regular basis.

In 2012, the mobile starting gate and horse were back on the track. Competition from the racino, in nearby Chester, Pa., which also runs daytime harness racing is cutting into Freeholds profit, making one wonder how long it can continue, knowing racinos will never come to the Garden State. Carmine Abbatiello came away with top driver honors, and racing is scheduled for 2013.