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  Confused, Lazy or Both !     

Horsemen's ParkHorsemen's Logo

Horsemen's Park is a simulcast facility that has a five furlong on the premises to satisfy Nebraska law for simulcasting. Located in Omaha it is four miles from the site of the defunct Ak-san-ben oval. Live racing is conducted two or three days a year. The track itself does not have a grandstand or a clubhouse just some bleachers that can hold 2,800 fans. Simulcasting is available year round and there is a regular building for that. 

When I did the first go-round for Nebraska, I got a little confused, it seems somewhere along the way Atokad Park got renamed Horsemen's Atokad Park and around that time a new track was built in Omaha named Horsemen's Park. For some reason I thought they were the same place, silly me. Well when I realized they were different places I was tired of working on Nebraska and was too lazy to do the real Horsemen's Park. Seeing as how I've done mule tracks in Nevada, I should give this track it's due.

Horsemen's ParkWelcome to Horsemen's park

Built as a simulcast facility the owners need to satisfy Nebraska law and run at least one live race a year, so they built a five furlong track on the site. You need to go to the photos page and check out the track, it's different to say the least, but for now they race four or five races three days a year. That's up from two races a day for two days when the track first opened in 1998. Not a lot more to say about a place that runs a few races a year.

Once again my total disregard for Nebraska means I've never been to Horsemen's Park either, guess I'm not a good Cornhusker!