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Although pari-mutual wagering has been around since the nineteen thirties, Montana has never been a hot bed for horse racing. The guy or gal who shod the horse your betting on this morning, may be your jockey this afternoon.  Since wagering began there has never been a commercial track in the state. The fair meets at Great Falls, and Billings have been around since the mid forties, and are the most recognizable thought there are others.

Fair meets have also been run in Miles City, Missoula, and Kalispell in recent years, but the future of horse racing in Montana is very much in doubt.

Most of the racing if any in Montana is hit or miss these days. Meets are not granted dates or cancelled one year, then have a meet scheduled the next. In 2013 only two meets were granted dates and some tracks may have closed for good. So if your going to Montana to enjoy some racing check ahead!