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  No(rth)west Montana Racing !     

Ladies Day Not much info on this isolated location in Montana. At least the tracks at Missoula and Great Falls were accessible by interstates. Don't know exactly when racing started here but it probably goes back a ways.

Going back to what probably were better days in the nineties, the meet at Kalispell took place for five days. When the races were shut down in 2005 the meet was down to three days.

When racing returned in 2010 it was for only two days. A year later the meet was increased to three days, things were getting better, but in 2012 the roof caved in again.

A meet was scheduled for 2012 but when racing was abandoned in both Missoula and Great Falls, the meet at Kalispell was also scraped. The same was true for 2013, with the hope things can improve in 2014, but the smart money says pari mutual racing is probably doomed in Montana.