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  Sayonara Saginaw !     

Saginaw Race CourseSaginaw Race Course

2020 Update

Saginaw Harness Raceway was a half mile harness track located at the Saginaw County Fairgrounds. Saginaw is located about 100 miles north of Detroit in Mid-Michigan. It had an open air grandstand, racing was held during the summer months. The modest grandstand had seating for 2,500. There was also a small clubhouse that seated 250, which included a dining room. There was parking for 5,000 cars.    

In June of 1980 Saginaw Valley Raceway became the first harness track to open in Michigan in thirty years. Unfortunately the track located at the old Saginaw Fairgrounds didn't last thirty years itself. After struggling for years the track closed after it's twenty fifth season, when it became apparent that racino style wagering would not be legalized in Michigan.

Saginaw Valley was a minor circuit half mile track that ran from mid spring till mid summer. The 1989 program listed most of the purses at around $1,000 with top level Open races going for $4,000. Somewhere along the way it seems the tracks name was changed to Saginaw Harness Raceway.

In 2013, not only the track grandstand, but most of the fairgrounds buildings have been demolished.     

I probably drove by Saginaw Harness Raceway, but at the time never knew it existed. Now it's too late unless I want to look at an empty field.

2020 Update

Saginaw Harness Raceway, the name it expired under, has been closed since the end of 2005. As with most small tracks in rural locations, information is hard to find. It looks like the fairground's where it existed has also gone out of business, so it's hard to tell what's left there. Best I can tell is the grandstand may still be there, because nobody want's to foot the bill to tear it down. Maybe if someone around Saginaw reads this they could help me out send me an email about how it looks now.