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  A Pleasant Surprise !     

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2020 Update

Mount Pleasant Meadows was a half mile oval that featured mixed breed racing in Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant is located about one hour north of Lansing pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Mount Pleasant Meadows raced on weekends in the spring in summer, it featured an open air grandstand that could seat 3,400. Simulcasting was available year round in the Winners Circle Lounge. The stables at the facility could accommodate 300 horses.    

In 1985 a new rustic racetrack opened in the Michigan Peninsula, it was built to replace Glendale Downs, Michigan's original quarter horse track. If you would have told anyone that by 2010 this mixed breed venue would be the only place in Michigan you could bet on a horse not pulling a sulkie, they would have certainly been surprised.

There is probably no danger of the Michigan Mile being reborn here, but the weekend cards that average about 500 bettors, offer thoroughbred, quarter horse, appaloosa, arabian and paint races.

In 2012 Mt. Pleasant ran one of it's longest meets, filled mainly with thoroughbred races, including the Michigan Sires Stakes. Leading rider honors went to Angel Stanley. Mount Pleasant is on track to return in 2013.

At the close of the 2013 season Mount Pleasant Meadows surrendered it's license to conduct pari-mutual wagering. The track that kept thoroughbred racing alive in Michigan was now dead. The elimination of Simulcasting wagering followed in early 2014. The facility has been renamed the Isabella County Training Facility, which conducts time trials for interested horseman.

I did it to Mount Pleasant Meadows once, I talked my son into going to Detroit to see a Tiger's game, but I really was going to see Mount Pleasant Meadows. I swear when I set this up that the game was at night, but when we got there it was scheduled for 3:00 PM. The Tiger's were in a pennant race and the game was probably rescheduled for the National Broadcast on Saturday. Well whatever my bad luck, I was able to make it there, look around and take a few photo. Couldn't stay too long had to get back to Detroit before the game to get my wife a souvenir at American Jewelry and Loan.

2020 Update

In early 2016, Mount Pleasant Meadows joined the ranks of dead tracks in Michigan, as an excavator tore through the tiny track, which would now be a venue for snowmobile races.