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8/28 - 9/5


  The Great Windsor Fair !     

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Racing in Winsor takes place at the Winsor Fair. Racing at Windsor traditionally ends on Labor Day. Windsor is located about fifteen miles east of Augusta.  Racing is over a standard half mile oval, the grandstand is an open air structure. The highlight of the meet are the Maine Sire Stakes races.     

Located near the State Capitol of Augusta, the Windsor Fair is another Maine Agricultural Fair that dates back to the eighteen hundreds. The Windsor Fair also has the most race dates, closing out on the coveted Labor Day Weekend with the signature Windsor Fair Invitational on Labor Day.

I have attended the races at the Winsor Fair. Back in the late seventies I worked at a place that shut down the week before Labor Day affording me a perfect opportunity to spend a few days there. I think I remember the tote board being an old trailer truck and the prices were posted by hand.