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The origins of Charlottetown Driving Park date back to 1889, when pari mutual betting begin is unclear, at least to me. In 2009 Charlottetown was renamed Red Shores Racetrack and Casino. The track races almost year round but only runs a few days a week. In August the track celebrates "Old Home Week" which features the tracks signature race The Gold Cup & Saucer.

Oaklawn ParkOriginal Judges Stand

The track is a half mile oval with a glass enclosed grandstand and clubhouse, the grandstand can hold 1,500 the clubhouse an additional 550. There is parking for 4,500 cars. One of the features of the track is the judges stand in the infield, the structure dates back to the first days of racing at Charlottetown, it was restored in the nineties and is used on special occasions. The Judges Stand is a National Historic site in Canada.

The track struggled at the turn of the century, then in September of 2003 Hurricane Juan, inflicted some heavy damage to the grandstand, which needed to be rebuilt. To offset the cost a casino was added to the facility, which keeps it running for now. On a historic note Prince Charles (now King Charles) and Princess Diana, were on hand for a trophy celebration in June of 1983.