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4/18 - 10/28


  It's Now Grand !     

Ladies Day Indiana Downs alternates harness and thoroughbred dates with it's crosstown cousin Hoosier Park. Like Hoosier it to has benefited from Racino status and has an excellent 42 purse value. Whether Indian wanted Indiana Downs or not, Hoosier Park certainly didn't. The boys in Anderson strongly opposed the track in Shelbyville as it cost them half the subsidy from river boat gaming when it opened. Now that each has a Racino it's probably not such a big deal anymore. 

The relative newcomer to the racing scene will not reach it's tenth anniversary till 2012, has rapidly upgraded it's purse value vying to be one of the premier tracks in the U.S.

 With the 2011 season in the books no surprise in the leading rider or driver titles. Both Leandro Gonclaves(T) and Peter Wrenn(H) were on top just as they were at Hoosier Park. Racing will return in 2012 as Indiana Downs dates have been approved. 

In 2012 Indiana Downs was dedicated to thoroughbred racing, while Hoosier Park will race only standardbreds. In 2013 Indiana Downs was renamed Indiana Grand.