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Ladies Day

2020 Update

Maywood Park is a one half mile harness track that makes up the Chicago Harness Racing circuit along with Balmoral Park. Maywood has been around since 1946 and was a pioneer in television broadcasting.

In 1947 the first ever racing card was televised from Maywood Park, and in 1957 opening night was broadcast live on The Tonight Show. Maywood is the only Illinois track that has been totally dedicated to standardbred racing.

In 2011 ran it normal split week, year round schedule with suburban neighbor Balmoral Park. In recent years both tracks have dropped a day of racing and are down to five days of racing. Maywood runs on Thursdays and Fridays. Marcus Miller took home top driving honors in 2011. Racing is again scheduled for 2012.


2020 Update

Maywood Park, joined the ranks of the dead in 2020. If you never ,made it you never will. On the bright side you might get your Amazon delivery a little sooner, it's now a distribution facility where boxes instead of horses run around on conveyor belts.