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Pari-Mutual wagering in Idaho began in 1964. There were tracks in Coeur d' Alene and Boise that were both operating in the mid seventies. Idaho also hosts a lengthy fair meet season, these meets are usually  three to five days in duration spanning two weekends. The first week is reserved for trials for that particular tracks signature race, which is held on the final weekend. The exception is Sandy Downs which runs for twelve days over four weekends. Sandy Downs is also home to Idabet an online wagering service which benefits Idaho racing. 

The track in Boise, Les Bois was running a standard race meet until 2008 and was broadcasting it's signal to simulcast outlets and internet gaming sites. There are quite a few fair meets still in existence in the state. You won't find major league racing there, but you have to give the horseman and people of Idaho a pat on the back for continuing their weekend tradition as others disappear around the nation.

In 2011 there was some good news for a change, as Les Bois Park in Boise made a return to action. The 2011 season at Boise must have been successful because in 2012 they ran a much longer meet over four months. Lots of good stuff about Idaho racing can be found at the McChump Racing Tour site.

Another great source about racing out west can be found at the Racing With TRS site. which has the most information about minor tracks running west of the Mississippi.