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Pari-Mutual wagering legalized 1921 and Southern Florida mainly Hialeah quickly became the winter racing capital of the United States. The good times would last for about fourty years when winter racing started to take root up north. Racing in Florida saw little change for forty years or so, but in 1970 that would all change.

By the end of the 1930's racing was pretty much established in Florida. Racing centered around Miami in the wintertime with the exception of Tampa Bay Downs to the north. Hialeah was top dog with the prime dates with Tropical opening the season and Gulfstream closing it out. In 1964 harness racing was introduced to Florida with tha addition of Pompano Park. Shortly after that Seminole Downs near Orlando opened with both flat and harness meets. In 1970 change also came to Miami, a new track, Calder Race Course was approved and would conduct summer racing. This moved proved the end of Tropical Park. In 1971 another small track Gator Downs sprung up on the outskirts of Jacksonville. In a few years the minor tracks would go to the dogs and Hialeah and Gulfstream would be in a dogfight.

By the mid-seventies after running thoroughbreds, trotters, and quarter horses both Seminole and Gator Downs were converted to dog racing. In South Florida Gulfstream was growing while Hialeah was declining so much so that Gulfstream challenged Hialeah for the prime winter dates and won. Venerable Hialeah never recovered and went out of business in 2001. At that point Florida horse racing was down to four tracks, Gulfstream, Calder, Tampa Bay, and Pompano Park. Hialeah was gone but still had a hoofbeat.

In 2004 certain counties in Florida legalized casino style gaming this was enough to get Hialeah back in the game but with a twist. Knowing it would have trouble getting a license to run thoroughbreds it opted for and obtained a quarter horse permit. Hialeah is now the only full time quarter horse venue in Florida.

In 2011 all Florida tracks ran their respected meets including Hialeah Park which got the go ahead to add racino gaming.