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  How Doggone Ironic is This!     

Ladies Day Arapahoe Park is a one mile Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse track located outside of Denver Colorado. It had a purse value of 4 making it a minor oval. It opened in 1984 as the replacement for Centennial Park, but It only lasted one season. It seemed the location was out of the way compared to Centennial. In 1992 the owners gave it another shot, and it has gained popularity since. The demise of dog racing probably didn't hurt either.   

 The irony is the fact that Centennial Park the original racing site in Denver was run out of town by the dogs at Mile High Dog Track twenty years later dog racing is outlawed in Colorado so guess who owns Arapahoe Park? That's right the dog people!

In 2011 Arapahoe ran from May to August with a mixed thoroughbred, quarter horse meet. Russell Vicchrilli came away with the riding title. Racing is scheduled to resume May, 2012.