Leg 3 Brew not Drew

This trip was not planned, but I figured I better not wait. I was already going to Maine, to do a hunt test with my German Shorthair, so I figured I better make the effort to get to Scarborough Downs, before it was too late.  

Turf ParadiseBusy Afternoon!

There was no way if I'm in Maine that I'm going to miss the Downs, but now there was a sense of urgency. Hoping to bundle Scarborough, with some Maine fair tracks in the fall, may not be possible. Long term things look bleak for the track, short term it could be finished June 10. This will be the shortest but sadist leg of the tour.

My first encounter with Scarborough Downs was back in 1971, they were still racing thoroughbreds then. I was there on a Saturday night and it was the only time I ever parked in the field across the street from the track, it was also the largest crowd I ever saw there. My next visit was in 1978, the clubhouse had burned down and hadn't been rebuilt yet. In all the times I went to Scarborough, it was the only time I sat in the upper grandstand. Enough for reminiscing.

My wife, myself and dogs arrive just in time for the first race. We love Scarborough, because you can drive your car right up to the track and watch from there, which it seemed more people were doing than were inside the track. Nowadays you can just walk through the fence that separates the track from the parking lot. On the way in you can't help but notice how run down the place looks, broken grandstand windows replaced with plywood, the upper grandstand filled with junk. Inside it doesn't get much better, the old program and ice cream booths abandoned, banners of old sub-two minute milers hang dusty and sagging behind the few tellers and old auto-tote machines. Under the grandstand tote board the track logo is barely visible on the floor, ya, I guess a mercy killing wouldn't hurt!

As for the racing, it was pretty good, all the races, except the feature were under two minutes. Poor Cheviot, he's got the first musty banner, but never broke the two minute mark, different times. Today also marked the return of Drew Campbell, considered by many the top driver in Maine. Campbell, had only one trip to the winners circle, but to me the star of the day was a nine year old gelding named Brew. Brew won the nightcap a race for Maine Amateur Drivers, along with driver Alex Richardson, they lit up the tote board with a $53.80 mutual. Driving away, it's hard to believe but, that look back in the rear view mirror may be the last I see of Scarborough Downs? 

  Miles Cost Air-Fare Lodging Days Tracks
Leg-3 340 170.00 .00 80.00 0 1
Total 2,039 1,150.50 385.00 776.00 4 13