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  An Oasis in the Desert!     

Yavapai Downs Opened in 1959 as Prescott Downs the track was relocated in Prescott Arizona and is now called Yavapai Downs. It is a minor league track that runs a combined Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse meet. To be clear Prescott Downs should have it's own page as it was a different location from Yavapai Downs, not just a name change.  

Yavapai Downs When the Jockeys come on the track at Yavapai the jockeys wear silks that match saddle cloths same as Will Rogers Downs the difference that at Yavapai sans racino there, racing for a purse value index of 7 the lowest in the country while at Will Rogers the PVI is 23 makes you wonder what shape racing would be in if racinos never became legal.

In 2011 the meet at Yavapai was canceled a few days before it was to begin, the stalls were full every thing was set, except the cash to run the place. Track management vowed to return racing in 2012 but it doesn't look like that will happen. Could be curtains for racing in Prescott. 

Another year hasn't really helped Yavapai Downs. There are still legal and financial plaguing the track. It looked for a time that racing might resume, but that never happened. Maybe next year!