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Originally racing in Calgary started in 1925, at a place called Victoria Park. Racing at Victoria went on until 1973, when it was replaced by Stampede Park. The Victoria racing surface and grandstand were both replaced, at a cost of fourteen million dollars. 

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 The new Stampede Park, which was also the home of The Calgary Stampede debuted in 1974. The track was expanded to five eights, the grandstand had a capacity of 18,000 which was more about the Stampede than horse racing. The clubhouse had a capacity of 2,500 with parking for 2,400 cars and stabling for 1,300 horses. Harness racing also started in late 1974.

In 1973, racing was supposed to have ended at Stampede Park, but after some arm twisting the 73 season was salvaged, but that would be the last meet at the Calgary oval. Over the years the track was upgraded to accommodate the Stampede, so much so that luxury boxes and a grandstand were constructed in the infield, that pretty much obscured the view of the races. As of 2022 the site is still intact and  hosts The Calgary Stampede, which gets more popular every year. You can still see horses running around the Stampede Park oval, the only problem it's a team of four, pulling a chuck wagon. Maybe some day they'll paint the wagons with fair colors and put numbers on them and allow wagering.

The good news for horse players in Calgary, a new track, Century Downs opened in 2015 just a little north of Calgary.